I, Robert Huber, have founded HSE in 1987 in Zürich, Switzerland.


I worked 33 years at Studer as development engineer, senior project and team leader in R&D and I made over 14 international patents for Studer, Soundcraft and Harman.

In parallel I graduated with a BSEE from ISZ (Ingenieurschule Zürich) in electronics and informatics and I founded HSE SWISS in Zürich.

Below some products from HSE Swiss :

FITA: live Stage Equalizer

Small 3 band parametric eqalizer for stage application.

Several artists use the FITA live on the stage to fine tune the Sound of their accustic guitar


EQ-1: Studio Equalizer

The legendary analog Class A  HSE EQ 1

Production start was in 2000.

 Over 50 top brand recording studios all over the world are using this equalizer.


The happy owners of the Electric Lady Studio NY (Jimmy Hendrix Studio) receiving their HSE Swiss Equalizer EQ-1

M 4000: Mic preAMP for SSL consoles

HSE SWISS made mic preamp upgrades for SSL 4000 consoles.

 The HSE mic preamps have an excellent Sound,  less noise and THD compared to the original preamps and an additional Hi-Z Input.


HSE Swiss Surprise Factory Tour Following High End Munich 2024!

by Michael Fremer     27 minutes